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MigranTech – Séminaire

The project “MIGRANTECH : the digital incubator as a springboard for learning and employment of migrants and refugees” held its seminar on ‘exchange of good practices in partner countries ’ between the twenty-first and twenty-fifth of September. The Belgian partner Familles du Monde asbl hosted in Brussels the participants from the partner countries. During the five days of the seminar, the partners shared the good practices they have identified in their national contexts, discussed on the key competences and cross-cutting skills that have emerged from the results of the surveys previously carried out in their countries, analysed the good practices on different e-platforms, brainstormed on possible e-module contents and worked on the conception of the e-modules. The seminar has been fruitful and produced good results to be developed throughout the rest of the project.

What is “Migrantech”?
“Migrantech” is an adult learning Erasmus Plus project which aims at combating discrimination against migrants and/or refugees; promoting coexistence between society and migrant and/or refugee communities; undertaking education and training as a key element in promoting social cohesion and integration processes; providing tailor-made e-learning tools and methods for professionals working with migrants and refugees, in order to facilitate their socio-professional inclusion; understanding and identifying the needs for the most relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills sought by enterprises and employers/companies. In addition, MIGRANTECH targets to enable educators and professionals to broaden and adapt their knowledge and develop skills such as collaboration, digital literacy in job search, information management, evaluation of these skills, experimentation and innovation, problem solving and decision making, all of which are stepping stones towards bringing their audiences closer to the labour market. The 4 EU entities from France (AMSED), Belgium (Familles du Monde asbl), Portugal (FACTOR SOCIAL) and Turkey (ANATOLIA YOUTH ASSOCIATION), have intended to achieve the project objectives by carrying out a study on policies and good practices in the field of social and professional integration of migrants and refugees, in order to analyse what has already been implemented and how to learn from past experiences. The project will develop methodological and intervention tools and didactic material to promote the social and professional situation of migrants and refugees.
In this context, the project proposes the design and development of an inclusive, interactive and user-friendly platform (digital toolbox, e-learning, etc.) for professionals involved in adult education that will include online training modules for the sociocultural, political and economic integration of migrants/refugees. More specifically, the training programme will help professionals to receive education about the EU (rights, obligations, values, opportunities, skills, digital…) in a way that will facilitate the smooth integration of the migrants and refugees with whom they work into European societies.